Isabel Tew

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Isabel Tew

My Story
I have practiced Yoga for 9 years and found the strong vinyasa had strengthened by body and healed back pain from sedentary office work. Through the 40 Day programme and Teacher Training at Lumi, Yoga has transformed my whole way of thinking – the inquiry and philosophical aspects helped me leave behind beliefs and relationships that were no longer working well, and made space for new more exciting possibilities. 2019 has been a journey of slowing down towards self-compassion through using more of yoga’s meditation tool.


How & Why I Teach
I lead an energetic Vinyasa yoga classes, empowering people to leave behind any expectation of how they “should” be (on and off the mat), and flow and feel their way through a powerful practice. The classes will help you grow confidence and steadily expand your comfort zone to move beyond self set limits.
Every body and every day is different, so my own practice and lessons are adapted to what is needed in the moment using the principle of Sthira Sukham – a balance of strength and ease.


My Mantra

‘You are enough – the ever changing being that you are’