Juna Fleer

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Juna Fleer

My Story
I have always been a very active person and was first drawn to the healing arts while struggling through my own back injury. While studying for a degree at UC Santa Cruz, I took some courses through their Holistic Health Program and in 2010 I completed my Swedish Massage Certificate through McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, CA. Quickly after graduating, I began practicing as a massage therapist and at a Californian spa before moving to London and finding a home at Lumi.

My Treatments
Although classically trained in Swedish massage, I combine numerous modalities to tailor my massages to a wide range of needs. In true Californian spirit, I bring a calming, nurturing, and laid back vibe to complement my deep tissue massages.

My Mantra
Be excellent to each other.– Bill and Ted, Excellent Adventure