Lisa Lawton

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Lisa Lawton

My Story

Lisa Lawton is a London based Yoga teacher, offering Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy and Yin Yoga classes. Whether you’re after a dynamic or gentle style of yoga, all classes are upbeat and creatively sequenced with a real attention to alignment and breath and always infused with positivity and personality. Lisa believes yoga is for everyone and will empower you to lead your life in a more authentic way, with greater acceptance for who you really are. Join Lisa on the mat and you will emerge a brighter and lighter version of yourself, ready to step back into your daily London life, with greater freedom in your body and mind.

Why And How I Teach

I am a Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy and Yin Yoga Teacher. I teach a joyful and creative power flow style, with a real attention to alignment and breath, as well as the magical practice of yin yoga, encouraging students to slow down, soften the body and still the mind. I teach yoga quite simply because I want to share this healing practice that has brought me so much joy! It is so important in a hectic city like London to carve out some “me-time”, to balance all the busyness and doing, to simplify, go with the flow, breathe and just be.

My Mantra

Do what makes your soul shine!