Natalie Smikle

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Natalie Smikle

My Story

My yoga journey began in 2008 in a 42°c hot yoga studio. The heat, discipline and intensity of the practice proved to be the first steps in my journey towards overcoming years of anxiety. 5 years later I began experimenting with many different forms of yoga and I have not looked back since.

Why And How I Teach

I want to share that which makes me smile. I believe yoga can help bring out the best in people by simply allowing us to be ourselves. Bringing humour and compassion to the room, I remind my students to practice freely and fearlessly, and to be OK with not always being OK. My passion in my dynamic vinyasa flow classes is complemented by my love of teaching Yin Yoga and sharing the philosophy and therapy behind it.

My Mantra

“Be yourself; everyone is already taken.” Oscar Wilde