40 Days to Personal Revolution – DIGITAL

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teacher : Barb Durand

Price: Starting from £89 (see below for more detail)

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40 Days to Personal Revolution – DIGITAL


Through yoga, meditation, diet and personal inquiry, build a foundation to set yourself free to live the healthy, authentic and powerful life you have always imagined.  40 Days to Personal Revolution Digital is an online programme designed to gradually liberate your true nature.

This programme, designed by Baron Baptiste, has transformed lives across the globe for over a decade.   Regardless of your level of experience, these 40 Days will reveal mental clarity, lightness of body, and an illumination of spirit.  The programme will be led and completed online.


This breakthrough programme includes:

  • Daily yoga (asana) practice: six days per week with one rest day. For each week there is a theme to help you build a sustainable personal practice and to deepen the practice from wherever you are right now.
  • Daily meditation: building a daily meditation practice starting with just 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening. Time increases during the programme, and each week builds on the previous week.
  • Mindful eating and diet: we will bring attention to diet as well as attachments and patterns around food. In week four, we will participate in a three day fruit feast.
  • Journaling and inquiry:  based on questions for each week, journaling is an opportunity to root out limiting beliefs and patterns.
  • Weekly meetings: a forum for participants where a facilitator leads a discussion based on the theme of the week, journaling questions and experiences of the participants. Sharing the transformational experience with others will add strength and depth to the whole programme.


The dates for the programme are:

  • Kick-off meeting:   Sunday 23 January, 3pm-3.45pm BST, via Zoom (40 Day count starts on Monday 24 January and finishes on Friday 4 March 2022)
  • Weekly meetings:  Thursdays at 7.30pm-8.30pm via Zoom (first meeting 28 January 2022)


There are different pricing options for the programme to suit what works best for you.  Here are the options:

CORE 40 Days:  Includes meetings, workbook, emails, social media forum and weekly practice and meditation podcasts and videos.  This is the best option for monthly members and for those who have a self-practice or are happy to practice to recorded classes.  Price:  £89

CORE + Unlimited Livestream Classes for 40 Days:  Free access to any Lumi livestream classes during 40 Days plus all that is included in the Core package. Price:  £149

CORE + Unlimited Studio and Livestream Classes for 40 Days:  Free access to any Lumi studio or livestream class plus all that is included in core package. Price:  £219


“40 days has been an incredible and healing journey of real transformation…..I am facing tangible and concrete changes in different areas of my life – from my career to my relationships and health.” – 40 Days participant

“40 Days will boost your entire belief system and literally transform your body and mind. It makes things possible within your life that you could never have imagined.” – 40 Days participant


Who is the programme for?

The programme is for everyone!  Whether you practice yoga regularly or are new to it, this programme is for you.   And, since the programme is being done online, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

What’s the best package for me?

If you pay for a monthly membership then the ‘Core 40 Days’ package is the one for you.   As a monthly member, you have access to unlimited livestreaming classes.  If you’re not a monthly member and prefer to practice to podcasts or videos (no studio or livestreaming classes) then the ‘Core 40 Days’ package is also for you.  The other two packages will give you access to either just the livestreaming classes or a mix of livestreaming and studio classes.

I will miss a meeting or a few days – can I still participate?

Yes!  We know things up and live can get in the way so don’t worry if you might miss a meeting or a few days.  We will record all the meetings and send the recordings to all participants.   You’ll also get emails from us throughout the programme so even if you miss a few days, you’ll still feel part of the programme.