Crow pose / Bakasana workshop

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teacher : Aggi Surma

Price: £40, 10% off for monthly members

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Crow pose / Bakasana workshop

Now is the time to learn something new.

Trying new things in life is what helps us grow in confidence and keeps us youthful by rewiring our mind and body. Our Crow workshop is one way to create this shift.

Arm balances can sometimes feel daunting and unattainable without the right tools to help you get up there. Whether you’ve never tried crow or you’ve been doing it for a while, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop, we will learn that it is not only strength and flexibility that delivers success in your Crow pose but also the way we position the body in relation to gravity and proportion in space.

Be patient. Be a Yes. And come ready to do the work!


  • Explore and understand the ingredients required for a successful Crow Pose and how there is more than one way to approach Crow Pose
  • Practice yoga poses and specific exercises to prepare for the ‘take off
  • Learn how to use props and modify crow to suit your practice
  • Play with different variations of Crow pose and potentially find your new favourites
  • Overcome fear of falling / getting it ‘wrong’ and build curiosity and play into the practice


  • Creating a link from hands and feet to core
  • Alignment and actions in arm balances
  • Preparing the body for arm balances
  • A ton of fun in a safe space with like minded people.
  • You will leave feeling strong, powerful, and ready to take flight on-and-off the mat.

This workshop is for all levels and particularly those who have not yet managed to hold the pose with control.