Headstand workshop – Roots and Wings for Inverted Things

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teacher : Ines Loughrey

Price: £30, 10% off for monthly members.

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Headstand workshop – Roots and Wings for Inverted Things


Inversions, like headstand and forearm balance, can often feel a little bit intimidating and scary if we don’t have the tools to know how to get up there. In this workshop we will look at ways of working towards these postures, modifications and techniques to form an understanding of how to access these poses. We will also look at getting you to create an inner sense of stability so that you can feel steady in yourself no matter which way up you are!



  • Exploring different techniques and ways of coming in to headstand/forearm stand and which ones work for you.
  • Moving past fear to make inversions fun and accessible.
  • How to use props and modify as part of your practice.


Content Highlights:

  • Techniques to build stability through shoulders and core strength.
  • Engaging your psoas to access inversions.
  • Building an awareness of safe alignment for your body to access inversions.


About Ines:

Ines did not always love inversions. She spent a long time being very frightened of falling over and getting things “wrong.” By learning different techniques, and by allowing herself to fall over and not take it too seriously she learned that getting upside down can be very fun and liberating. She loves to teach ways of making these poses accessible to everyone, and is passionate about using physical asana practice as a tool for greater understanding of ourselves rather than as something to be performed.