Lumi Assisting Training Level 1: Assist with Heart & Skill

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teacher : Elina Iso-Rautio

Price: £195. 20% discount to Lumi Teacher Training graduates.

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Lumi Assisting Training Level 1: Assist with Heart & Skill


Thursday 27 June, 9am-5pm
Friday 28 June, 9am-5pm
in Studio Wings at Lumi Power Yoga, 121 King Street, Hammersmith


Lumi Assisting Training Level 1: Assist with Heart & Skill is an opportunity to develop the technical tools and precision of hands-on assisting. You may be looking to build more confidence in your assists, feedback on how your assists are received, or you simply want to extend your vocabulary of impactful assists. Whatever your starting point, this training will enable you to make a difference with your students, hands on!

Please note this training is for yoga teachers and assistants only.

The promise of this training is:

  • To get a deeper awareness of the alignment and actions of poses
  • To learn how to support a complete beginner to the very advanced student in any class.
  • To learn how to get fast and effective without losing the quality of your assist when the class is flowing.

This training is guaranteed to create a shift! Share your practice with your touch and become skillful and intuitive in hands on assisting.



Elina has 20 years of experience in practising, teaching and studying physical arts including figure-skating, contemporary dance, yoga and massage therapies. She is passionate about assisting and has developed and refined this training based on years of hands on experience!