Pillars of Power Yoga

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teacher : Ari Iso-Rautio

Price: £25, 10% off for Eagle and Warrior members, £5 off if you're on the intro offer

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Pillars of Power Yoga


This workshop introduces and explores the fundamentals of power yoga, and is fantastic for new yogis as well as for those looking to take their practice to the next level.


You will:

  • Learn healthy and powerful alignment principles for any pose
  • Build confidence to attend any class, including how to modify your practice to make it work for you
  • Discover a new depth in your poses and your flow


  • Pillars of the practice:  breath, gaze, foundation, flow and heat
  • Alignment, actions and modifications in key poses, in particular downdog, low plank, updog and warriors
  • Practice and personal exploration of safe and effective alignment

Expect to breathe, move, sweat and have lots of ah-ha moments!  Go beyond the surface of your practice and access new levels of power.


Ari is co-founder of Lumi Power Yoga.  He is passionate about the fundamentals and making the practice accessible and available to everybody.  At the start of his yoga journey, he could only do a few poses badly – with massive resistance – and he had no clue what alignment and actions meant.  If he can learn to practice yoga powerfully, so can you.