Yindulgence: A Yin and Chakra Workshop

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teacher : Katie Fobbester

Price: £35, 10% off for Eagle and Warrior monthly members.

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Yindulgence:  A Yin and Chakra Workshop


When we practice yin yoga, we’re not only opening up the physical body but tapping into the energetic or subtle body.

In this workshop, we’ll take a journey through the Chakras (energetic centres within the body) with a series of long held poses going inward beyond the muscles and bones, and into the Chakras. This practice will leave you feeling more open, grounded and balanced.


  • 3-hours to explore your body and sink deeply into relaxing poses
  • Peaceful meditation from Chakra to Chakra
  • Leave feeling re-energised and recharged


  • Introduction to the Chakras and the role they play in the health and balance of our bodies
  • Awareness of clues from your body to indicate which of your Chakras might be out of balance as a key to aligning them
  • Target specific Chakras with particular poses


A health and fitness industry veteran and a mother of five children, Katie connected with yoga to find calm amidst stresses and strains of a large family and busy life.

She qualified as a Lumi yoga teacher and discovered that the wonderful ‘yang’ of vinyasa flow can be balanced with calmer, restorative ‘yin’ practice. She is passionate about the power of yin practice and the benefits it can bring.