Kids Yoga: Learning to Play Again

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Kids Yoga: Learning to Play Again
Baptiste Yoga’s Kids Yoga Teacher Training is coming to Lumi for the first time. We caught up with Jenny Noonan Baptiste Yoga teacher and Kids Yoga Trainer to find out what yogis can expect from from the training and teaching little ones. 
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1. What first brought you to the mat?
I first came to the mat when I was 16 years old, and I was looking for a way to take care of my body in a somewhat non-traditional way(I wasn’t an athlete and wasn’t interested in working out at a gym). I found that the practice of yoga gave me such immediate results, that I knew that one day I would want to share it with other people.
2. How long have you been teaching Kids Yoga?
I’ve been teaching Kids Yoga for 5 years. It’s an incredibly humbling experience to teach children, not only because of the privilege it is, but because how you have to transform yourself to really be able to make a difference.
3. How is the Baptiste Yoga method of Kids Teacher Training different from others?
The Baptiste Kids Yoga Teacher Training is different in that it teaches from the whole methodology of Baptiste Yoga, and gives people the access creating a long term vision for themselves as a contribution in the world of teaching kids yoga. And it’s a lot of fun!
4. What can yogis expect from Kids Yoga Teacher Training?
Yogi’s can expect to do a lot of playing in this training. It’s one of the most vital parts of being able to teach kids, is remembering how to play like one. Participants will rediscover play, create a future for themselves as Kids Yoga teachers in their communities, and understand that they are the ones to make a difference in the world!
5. Do you need to be a Yoga Teacher to be a Kids Yoga teacher? Why?
While it would be beneficial to be a yoga teacher, it isn’t required. What is required is a love for working with kids and a desire to make an impact on the future of our world. In this training, you’ll get everything you need to get to be effective with working with kids.
6. Why is it important for Kids to learn yoga? What impact can it have?
I think we are at a point where we have to bring some real attention to the children in our world. While all people are important, children hold the future of this planet, and we’ve got to set them up for success in that. With all that there is to deal with in this world, we’ve got to give children the tools to be successful in their adolescence. They need stress management techniques, healthy movement, healthy relationships with their peers, and healthy relationships with their bodies. If we wait till they are adults, it’s too late, because some of them might never get there
To sign up for Kids Teacher Training on 2 December, register directly on the Baptiste Yoga website here: