Authenticity – Connection – Power

- about us -

The mission of Lumi Power Yoga is to support each and every person to discover an authentic, extraordinary power and expression, on and off the mat.

Lumi Power Yoga exists to make a difference in people’s lives. As a yoga studio and community, the common thread is transformation: illuminating the body, awakening the mind, and accessing the unlimited power within us. With a smile and ease.

Lumi Values

1. Integrity

Be true to your word and intention.

2. Be a Cause in the Matter

Be Cause, not Because. Make things happen that were not already going to happen.

3. Authenticity

Lead from your natural and unique self-expression.

4. Empower Others

Connect as if people are already in their fullest power and inspired expression.

5. No Gossip

About anyone.

6. Be a Yes

As a creation, not a concept.
Stand for the possibility in yourself and others.

7. Gratitude and Joy

To serve. To connect.
To make a difference.

8. Raise the Game

Set higher standards.
Have an unreasonable level of caring.

9. We are Family

No Yogi Left Behind.