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We look forward to welcoming you with the friendly Lumi vibe, smiles and transformational yoga classes.


Click HERE to go to schedule and book your class. For the best deals, see our OFFERS AND BUNDLES. Please book in advance to make your experience smooth.


All studio classes are livestreamed and you can choose between online and studio classes that work best for you. Click HERE to go to schedule and book your class.


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Studio and Livestream

Studio and Livestream

Choose between studio and livestream classes based on what works for you! Many studio classes are streamed live so that you can experience the studio vibe in your own home. See the full schedule HERE.

Livestream and studio classes have different prices and bundles. For livestream classes, find all the bundles and packages HERE. For regular studio class bundles see HERE. You can use all studio bundles for livestream classes too.

If you do both types of classes, the easiest package is monthly membership with unlimited access to both studio and livestream classes. If you would like to unsuspend your existing membership or to set up a new membership, please email us at info@lumipoweryoga.com. If your membership is currently suspended and you would like to keep it that way, there is nothing you need to do!