Lumi Foundation

- Empowering and Enriching Lives -

Yoga can change lives. Better health, more joy and fuller self-expression become available. But not everyone has access to yoga. The not for profit Lumi Foundation was set up in 2016 to bridge the gap and bring yoga where it is most needed.


To empower individuals and communities to improve the quality of their lives, in particular in the areas of health, general wellbeing, relationships and confidence.

What we do 

Teach practices of yoga, in particular asana (physical), meditation and inquiry to communities and groups who would not have access to yoga otherwise by reasons of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

How We Do It 

Lumi Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Organisation. We establish relationships with local communities, groups and charities to identify needs and set up classes. We coordinate and where appropriate, train, teachers for the classes. We raise funds to make all of this possible.

Example Classes 

  • After school club yoga for children with disabilities
  • Yoga for women recovering from domestic abuse
  • Yoga for people living isolated or with low income in the local community
  • Chair yoga for the elderly
  • Yoga for adults and teens with learning disabilities
  • Further projects and more information on the Lumi Foundation website