Nathaly Mosquera

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Nathaly Mosquera

My Story

My yoga journey started in 2016 when I moved to London. What started as a physical experience, with time, transformed into a deep spiritual practice that has supported me through the most challenging times in my life.

A pivotal moment in my journey was when I was introduced to the ancient yogic concept of Prana (Sanskrit word for life force and energy). I became fascinated by the world of energy: – we are all energy and we are all connected

Why And How I Teach

Since then I have been exploring how, with Yoga, we can shift and elevate our energy to live in balance with ourselves, our communities and our surroundings. I believe that our personal energy has an impact on the collective energy of the Universe, and that is what inspires me the most as a student and as a teacher.

In my classes, you will be invited to move your physical and energetic body in harmony with your breath. I enjoy the creative process of integrating music into my practices, and utilizing the sounds to elevate the experience – so you will find that some of my practices are infused with music. My aim as a teacher is to offer a safe space for movement, reflection and connection where everyone is welcomed.

My Mantra

We are all one