Flip It And Reverse It: A Handstand Workshop, Part I

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teacher : Jacque Rossi

Price: £30, 10% off for Eagle and Warrior monthly members.

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Flip It And Reverse It: A Handstand Workshop, Part I


Shift your perception and turn your world upside down! This workshop is an opportunity to get playful with gravity and unlock the mysteries of handstands in a safe, supported and fun setting.

This workshop is for all levels – no previous handstands required! Simply bring your smile and your inner YES. It’s time to stand on your own two hands.


  • Create an inner shift and flood ourselves with energy.
  • Explore handstands in a safe and supported setting to gain the building blocks to lift and fly!
  • Build the courage and confidence to face your fears when turning your world upside down to feel light, invigorated, and full of fire!


In this workshop, we will explore:

  • The principles and practices of activating your core
  • Moving into and holding handstands safely and effortlessly
  • The physical and mental state to release your inner child and fly!


Jacque draws from her experience in acrobatics and yoga to give you the tools and techniques for a confident inversion. Even as a young girl she always said the world is a better place when you see it from upside down. Come join her for an inspiring day of insights where you can face your fears and find the joy in handstands.