Yogi’s take on winning? It’s a nice side product

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Yogi’s take on winning?  It’s a nice side product

Lumi Power Yoga has won the “Best Business in Hammersmith” category at the 2017 Brilliant Business Awards for the second year running. This is an extraordinary and heart-warming achievement especially as the win is based on the number of public votes received. We are excited and humbled by the support from all Lumi yogis and it moves us deeply. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you.

Why Did Lumi Win?

You could say that it was because our teachers are committed, whole-hearted people who teach from a desire to serve and make a difference.

You could say that it was because our reception team are friendly and welcoming, making each interaction a moment of ease.

You could say that it was because we have nice wooden floors, big windows and website that works well.

Or you could simply say that we won because of yoga – the ancient practice that on its own has the power to heal and bring relief to pressures of modern day life.

All these things are important for a yogi practicing at Lumi and yes, they are good reasons for winning. But perhaps that is not the whole story.

Connection and Growth

Elina and I grew up in small rural towns. Everyone knew everyone else. There were sports clubs, church gatherings, choir practices and birthdays. Connection and being part of something bigger were more important than achieving something for yourself or looking good. All the various threads of human connections came together in a web of togetherness. The small community offered a comforting sense of belonging and normalcy. The community was not perfect but it was authentic and real, Perfectly Imperfect.

Looking at Lumi now, we realise that – perhaps through combination of design, luck and amazing people – Lumi radiates a similar community spirit that we experienced in our childhoods. At Lumi, growing as a human being in a safe environment trumps outer achievement. Coming together and having a place to breathe matters more than a beautiful chaturanga.

I believe Lumi did not win “The Best Business in Hammersmith” simply because it is a great business (which it is!). Lumi won because it is a community where you are welcome as you are. The practice of yoga brings us together and also creates the mental and physical benefits at individual level. It is nice to win awards and yet… it’s a side product. Lumi is a wonderful community where we can all grow. That is precious and better than any award.

Love Your Practice, Love Your Life

Ari Iso-Rautio, Co-Founder