Grace Boardman

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Grace Boardman

My Story

My yoga journey began six years ago and was taken to even greater heights during the 40 days to Personal Revolution Program at Lumi. During that time, my practice evolved from just being a form of exercise to something meaningful and spiritual which shifted my being that kept me coming back for more. Practicing yoga has taught me so much and brought so many unexpected joys to my life. It continues to surprise me, has encouraged me to live my life more mindfully, given me the confidence to let go of inhibitions as well as face challenges with a calm mind. The practice is truly transformational.


How & Why I Teach

I teach in my classes that every yoga practice and journey are different by how versatile the practice can be to fit every student. I like to combine philosophy as well as physicality into my teaching to bring together body, mind and soul in unison. My classes are for students to have a space to explore, create and for them to access their own inner teacher.


My Mantra