Ines Neid

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Ines Neid

My Story
My Yoga practice has evolved over 17 years now. While I started out practising in lineages that prioritise physical discipline like Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga, the mental benefits of a regular practice let me to study Yoga philosophy and apply its teachings to my life beyond the mat.
Living in different countries and continents from an early age, made me appreciate the richness of different cultures and made me aware of my own positionality in the world. Yoga has helped me turn inward and tap into a deep knowing of myself. It’s been liberating to feel secure in self-knowledge and simultaneously realise the interconnectedness of the world and every being in it.
I’m a 500-hour-training registered yoga teacher and my own practice consists of embodiment through yoga classes, hikes and music, as well as mindful living that includes meditation, caring for others and laughing a lot.

Why and How I teach
Becoming a yoga teacher wasn’t part of my plan when I did my first training while living in South Asia in 2018 and wanted to benefit from being close to the source culture of Yoga. Seeing a contradiction between the teachings of an ancient tradition and modern fitness classes, more self-inquiry led me to do an advanced teacher training focused on holding inclusive and equitable spaces in 2022. I understood that Yoga is a powerful community practice and sharing my practice with others was a natural progression from there.
My classes prioritise mindfulness by moving with and meditating on the breath as a powerful way to regulate the nervous system, achieve embodiment and calm the mind. I love offering Restorative and Yin Yoga, getting creative to create holistic sequences and using music to immerse myself in the present moment.

My Mantra
Relax into the stretch, discover, trust.