James Ip

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James Ip

My Story

I started my yoga journey in 2017, quickly getting hooked by the intensity of the heated vinyasa practice offered at Lumi. I found that yoga gave me a unique sense of peace, clarity and contentment, reminiscent of the martial arts I had practiced in my younger days. Over time I have found that yoga has touched every aspect of my life, bringing greater awareness, connection, creativity and lightness.


Why And How I Teach

I have been a medical doctor since 2004 and yoga is now an essential support for me to live with the stressors of my work. At the same time, I bring my existing knowledge and passion for anatomy and physiology to the practice; I see time on the mat as time to explore what it’s like to be in our bodies, with our breath, in the only moment that really matters – now.

I truly believe that yoga is for everybody, and I strive to have every person feel comfortable in their own bodies, while also exploring their own ‘growing edge’, whatever that might be for them. In my classes you can expect intensity, fun and a touch of spirituality.


My Mantra

‘The moment is complete.’