Severine Alet Sebata

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Severine Alet Sebata

My Story

Despite being diagnosed with a spine disorder early on in my life, I did not let that stop me from pursuing my passion for yoga. In fact, it was my own personal experience with yoga that inspired me to become a teacher. After completing my initial training, I began teaching yoga to individuals of all ages and abilities.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my love of yoga with others and I’m dedicated to helping my students find balance, strength, and peace on and off the mat. 


Why And How I Teach

I believe in the healing power of yoga for both the mind and the body. As a teacher, I believe that yoga is for everybody and likes to make my classes accessible and inclusive. She uses my own experience to help others to accept their bodies the way it is. My classes focus on alignment, breath, and mindfulness, creating a safe space for students to explore their own practice and discover their inner strength and inner peace.

I am committed to continuing my education and I’m constantly seeking new ways to deepen knowledge.


My Mantra

Let go of your story so the Universe can write a new one for you.