Balancing Workshop

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teacher : Katie Fobbester

Price: £40, 10% off for Monthly Members.

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Balancing Workshop


‘Equanimity is the art of meeting life as it meets you – calmly, without drama or fuss.’ Baron Baptiste
Balancing poses demand our full, wakeful attention. There is no faking it. The instant we lose focus, we fall over. Standing on one foot, we naturally drop unnecessary thoughts to focus on the task at hand. That’s why these poses can instill a deep sense of calm even though they require intense, unwavering alertness.

When we balance, we align our body’s center of gravity with the earth’s gravitational field. Quite literally, we place ourselves in physical equilibrium with a fundamental force of nature.

But we can’t achieve this harmony by remaining absolutely still. Instead, we must refresh our balance moment after moment. The sustained effort to center and recenter, brings not only our physical body into balance but also our nerve impulses, thoughts, emotions, and very consciousness. Therefore, we feel calm.

Equilibrium brings equanimity. This workshop is intended to give you tools to help you find your way into your balance, not just on the mat but in your life.


  • To physically understand the mechanics of balancing from the feet up.
  • To challenge the inner voice – inner critic and ego – as we move through challenging transitions maintaining mental equilibrium.
  • Discover how your eyes and nervous system monitor your balance.


  • Finding a deep sense of calm through focused awareness.
  • Find lightness and joy in falling. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius