Basics Workshop

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teacher : Katie Fobbester

Price: £30, 10% off for Eagle and Warrior members

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Basics Workshop


Learn the foundations of Lumi Power Yoga in this informative, insightful and fun workshop with Katie.
Yoga is a big topic and there are many strands that make up the practice. This workshop aims to look at a few of those components as we discover and embody the basics of Baptiste Power Yoga.


  • A brief overview of the roots and lineage of yoga that have brought you to where you are sitting right now.
  • To look in detail at downdog, chaturanga, and sun salutations, variations and modifications for healthy and powerful alignment that creates a sense of freedom, enables your natural strength to shine through, and protects from injuries.
  • The 5 pillars of the practice and how to use them. Drishti, ujjayi, foundation, tapas, flow.
  • The energetics of the practice. Why this practice is different to most other physical exercises. We train the human being in all dimensions, not just the physical body.

If you are new to yoga practice, this workshop is a must and gives you the skills and confidence to really enjoy regular classes. If you are a seasoned yogi, it is a great opportunity to refresh and add new widgets to your yogic toolbox.
Expect to breathe, move, sweat, laugh and have lots of ah-hah moments! Go beyond the surface of your practice and access new levels of power with Katie and a group of like-minded yogis.


A health and fitness industry veteran and a mother of five children, Katie connected with yoga to find calm amidst stresses and strains of a large family and busy life.
She qualified as a Lumi yoga teacher and feels passionate about what yoga can bring to our lives. The yoga journey starts with good alignment for injury free movement and the principles of the practice that bring it to life.

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