Core Workshop – Let’s get to the centre of you!

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teacher : Katie Fobbester

Price £40 , 10% off for Eagle and Warrior members

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Core Workshop – Let’s get to the centre of you!


In this day and age of technology and social media, we’re caught up with having a flat stomach and six-pack abs because that’s what we see all over Instagram. We make ourselves do endless crunches and sit-ups in the misguided notion that we are working our core.

Think of your core as a cylinder that links the upper body and lower body together.
All our movements are powered by the muscles of this cylinder working together to support the spine when we sit, stand, bend over, pick things up, breathe, cough, reach to the top shelf, vomit, go to the toilet, laugh, exercise and more.

You are only as strong as your core!

A strong core gives you a deeper seat of power in yourself and is pivotal to a dynamic yoga practice. A strong, optimally functioning core is the key to injury-free movement in your practice and in your life.


  • Explore and understand the role of all the different muscle groups involved with your core.
  • Practice yoga poses and specific exercises to target/feel them. (Yes, we will work the core a lot!)
  • To understand energetically and philosophically what the core represents in yoga.


  • To feel more deeply connected to the innermost/hidden workings of your body.
  • To be able to engage with your core and understand what is happening anywhere, anytime, not just when doing crunches.
  • To leave feeling strong, powerful, in control, and ready to take on life!


A health and fitness industry veteran and a mother of five children, Katie connected with yoga to find calm amidst the stresses and strains of a large family and busy life.

She qualified as a Lumi yoga teacher and discovered that the wonderful ‘yang’ of vinyasa flow can be balanced with calmer, restorative ‘yin’ practice. She is passionate about the power of yin practice and the benefits it can bring.

PRICE: £40, 10% off for Eagle and Warrior members