Crow Workshop with Ricardo Dinis

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Crow Workshop with Ricardo Dinis

Bakasana (Crow pose) is a strong and energetic pose that requires physical power, balance, lightness, and concentration, but one that can be challenging and scary at first.

In this workshop we will be exploring how to build the strength, agility and confidence to achieve the pose in a safe and supported way, by diving into its basic principles and working the main muscle groups used in accessing Bakasana.

We will open with a dynamic flow to work on body conditioning, follow on to breaking down the pose and learn how to get into it in different ways, learning tips and tricks to prepare for and practice it, building confidence and trust with a view to master Crow and rip all the benefits from this challenging pose.

Open to all levels, variations and modifications will be given so everyone can progress at their own level and pace.

Join me for two hours of fire and fun if…
– you’ve always wanted to learn how to effortlessly balance in Crow;
– you already have the basis of a crow practice but mostly you just tip forward and never leave the ground;
– you have a crow practice but want to explore further variations and progressions of the pose.

This workshop is designed to leave you feeling energised, centred, and strong from the inside, out.

Beyond the Asana, this workshop aims to cultivate concentration, calm and a trusted inner strength.