Ready, Steady, Crow

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teacher : Ines Loughrey

Price: £30, 10% off for Eagle and Warrior monthly members.

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Ready, Steady, Crow

A workshop to learn how to fly in basic arm balances

Arm balances can sometimes feel daunting and unattainable without the right tools to help you get up there. Whether you’ve never tried crow or you’ve been doing it for a while, this workshop is for you.

You’ll learn how to get into crow and side crow, and transitions in and out of these poses.  Arm balances really challenge us to connect to our sense of playfulness and fearlessness, and there is always something new to discover.

In this workshop, we will look at basic arm balances such as crow and side crow and the tools needed to incorporate these postures into your practice. We will look at the connection of hands and feet to core to aid lift off, and how engaging the psoas and opening the hips can help give us access to these poses.


  • Learn key alignment tools for crow and side crow
  • Learn transitions in and out of these poses
  • Learn how to use props and modify crow and side crow to suit your practice
  • Overcome fear of falling/getting it “wrong” and building curiosity and play into the practice.


  • Creating a link from hands and feet to core
  • Alignment and actions in arm balances
  • Preparing the body for arm balances

About Ines:

Ines practices and teaches yoga because she truly believes in the transformational power of the practice. One of the things she has learned through the physical practice is the ability to challenge her own perceptions of herself.

Arm balances felt completely out of reach for her because she didn’t think she was strong enough to balance on her hands. Through a steady and disciplined practice, Ines discovered a newfound physical strength on the mat, and a strength that had been there all along off the mat. She believes that yoga is for everyone, and that there are ways of making the poses work for every single body, regardless of experience, injury, and/or ability.