Creativity, Connection & Community: An Afternoon of Magic with best-selling author Jen Pastiloff

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Creativity, Connection & Community: An Afternoon of Magic with best-selling author Jen Pastiloff

Join best-selling author Jen Pastiloff for an afternoon of connection, creativity, connection, and probably some singing out loud, tears, and a whole lot of laughter. And that friends, is a money back guarantee.
Jen sells out every single time she comes to London and it’s been a long time, so book your ticket now.

This unique and soulful workshop is nothing short of magic. You simply have to attend to understand. No yoga experience required, no writing experience required; you don’t have to share out loud or even break a sweat- you don’t have to do anything except be you. You, amazing you.

This workshop is especially for you if you feel nervous to attend, you feel awkward, you feel like a weirdo (Jen affectionately refers to herself as this, with pride), you think you “suck at yoga”, you think you’re a “yoga master”, you feel stuck, sad, excited about life, miserable about life, alone, tired, curious. What we’re saying is that this workshop is for anyone that identifies as HUMAN.

Bring a journal and pen, an open heart, a sense of humor (for real, you need this), a beginner’s mind, and a sense of adventure.

There will be some body movement but you do you. Do what feels right and good. That’s it. Just show up and get ready to have your life changed in the best of possible ways.


Jen Pastiloff is an author, public speaker, poet, writing coach, artist, the creator of the Shame Loss movement.

She thinks bios are silly and most of this stuff isn’t as important as her being a person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously but here’s some things:

She is the best-selling author of On Being Human and the forthcoming Proof of Life (both by Dutton/Penguin Randomhouse.)

When not momming her cool kiddo, eating salt and vinegar chips, or drinking coffee, she gives keynote speeches about things like the power of connection, vulnerability and being utterly yourself as well as leading her retreats and workshops. They’re a unique hybrid of some body movement, lots of writing, sharing out loud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party.

Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, calls Pastiloff “a conduit of awakenings” and Kiese Laymon calls her a heart magician.

She was on the cover of YOGA JOURNAL magazine with Elizabeth Gilbert for their Creativity Issue and has been interviewed by Katie Couric as well as being on Good Morning America, People Magazine, Shape Magazine, and others for her distinct style of teaching, which she has taught to thousands of people in sold-out workshop all over the world as well as virtually in her virtual Allow writing workshops.

You can book her for speaking through Lyceum Agency and private coaching or retreats through her website.

Instagram: @jenpastiloff.