Catharina Kuhl

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Catharina Kuhl

My Story

Yoga had my back during a time where I was dealing with a lot of physical pain, and I soon came to realize its powerful effect on more than just my physical being. It’s stuck with me ever since, and whilst moving between countries has helped me ground and become stronger and more balanced in body and mind.

Why And How I Teach

I embarked on my teacher training without the intention to teach, and here I am! I love sharing my love for the practice and seeing the effect of yoga on each individual practitioner. I teach both strong and dynamic Power Vinyasa classes, as well as Slow Flow, where we first build up heat and then move into restorative and yin style poses. I focus on breath and alignment, and weave philosophy into my classes to guide through a body, breath and mind set that is accessible to all levels.

My Mantra

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be. – Alan Watts