James Robson

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James Robson

My Story

Yoga first came into my life during youth theatre actor training as a warm up. I have practised yoga on and off for almost 20 years. Today, yoga is more than a passion for me, it is the way through any baggage that surrounds my life.

In my younger years I was bullied, suffered from depression and turned to drugs, alcohol and other ways to numb myself. This escapism became workaholism and an intense determination to find another way. I have worked as an actor, film-maker, carer, pizza delivery driver, cyber-security salesman… I then trained as a yoga teacher at Lumi Power Yoga and started teaching yoga. I am excited to continue my training in yoga and am currently doing a 300 hour teacher training, also at Lumi.

Why and How I Teach

I teach to give people the inner freedom I experience after a great yoga class. I want to brighten and empower a soul. I want to inspire. My journey is to discover if you can significantly improve someone’s life in a single class. I teach from a grounded intensity using my voice and my presence to bring about personal inner development.

My Mantra

“There is nothing you can’t learn, there is nothing you can’t do, there is nothing you can’t overcome if you are willing to give yourself the time to do so. Go get it!”