Rebecca Law

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Rebecca Law

My Story

My yoga journey began in 2011 when I started practising to supplement martial arts training in South Korea. It wasn’t long before I discovered the deeper spiritual teachings of the tradition and its rich capacity for healing. I have completed 600+ hours of training, including trainings in Baptiste-style yoga, yin yoga and yoga/relaxation practices tailored towards people going through cancer.


Why And How I Teach

It’s my firm belief that if you can breathe, you can practise yoga. This is reflected in the diverse range of classes I teach, ranging from hot power vinyasa classes to chair-based sessions with yogis aged 80+. My goal is to empower students and crate a safe, inclusive environment for them to explore the physical, mental and emotional experience of the practice. My teaching style is firmly grounded in ahimsa – the unwillingness to do harm. My classes encourage yogis to let go of ego in favour of developing a compassionate practice that honours the higher self – and the South Asian roots of the teachings and traditions – in an authentic and accessible way.


My Mantra

Samatvam yoga uchyate – Yoga is equanimity (Bhagavad Gita, 2.48)