Rosa Lau

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Rosa Lau

My Story

My first experience of Shiatsu was in Italy when I received a treatment for a very painful shoulder. I was amazed at the results I got from it: not only was my shoulder less sore and more mobile, but I was left in a deep state of relaxation and inner peace.  When I arrived in UK back in 2012, I stumbled across a Shiatsu Introductory class and since then my love for this discipline bloomed and never stopped growing. I graduated at the London College of Shiatsu in 2017 and I am a certified and fully insured MRSS.

Why And How I Practice

I apply pressure on specific areas of the body, to release tension and energy blockages that cause stiffness and pain, bringing back a sense of inner balance. I like to create a connection with my clients, which enables me to better understand their needs and address them during the treatment. Shiatsu, just like Yoga, is based on the concept that body and mind are deeply interlinked so when I plan my treatments, I don’t only consider the main problem but the person as a whole.

My Mantra

Feel the fear and do it anyway