Sofia Tsiaousi

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Sofia Tsiaousi

My Story

I first discovered Yoga in 2009 when my choreographer added it to my dance schedule as “a warm up for the body and the mind”, as he used to say. These classes came into my life a year after an injury that I was still trying to recover from, and in no time I saw the amazing results. From then on I was hooked. Coming from Greece to London I decided to take the journey of Yoga to the next level and I found my home at Lumi Power Yoga.

Why And How I Teach

As a teacher I encourage my students to be open to new experiences and believe strongly in their inner power. I believe that everyone is perfect the way they are and it is my mission to help my students embrace that. It’s in our hands to be our best version, on and off the mat!

My Mantra

Love with full out expression! Be yourself.. Be free!