Stanford Wong

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Stanford Wong

My Story

My yoga journey began over 10 years ago, and I quickly fell in love with both the physical and mental training more with each practice.  Off the mat, I practice integration of the discipline, creativity and in-tuning of body and mind into my life; which is so valuable for an urban lifestyle and in my professional work as a medical doctor.

During my teacher training at Lumi, I deepened my understanding of the philosophy behind the physical practice, connecting me back to my Eastern roots and upbringing.  Next level for me is brancing out into Yin yoga and pregnancy yoga; hopefully to combine all my skill sets in delivering holistic classes to any level.

Why and How I Teach

A description given to me from my first yoga class was, ‘energetic, authentic and mischievous.’  I believe it is important to provide a space for everyone to self-enquire about their body and mind.  Starting from our anatomy to our energetic body, we are individually and uniquely different from each other.  So my guidance is meant to encourage a deeper connection and access to ourselves, whilst still having fun and some laughs.

In terms of methodology, I am trained in the Baptiste style power vinyasa sequence, as well as yin yoga and pregnancy yoga.

My Mantra

“Without fear, with love.”